I Am An Amateur

On my morning commute I was surprised to see a bit of snow dusting the far off hills - but thought it was too far off to get a close look. 
Then I was excited when I started to glimpse a dusting along the road. Hooray! I thought - my first snow of the season! 
Then the snow got heavier - the tree branches bent under the weight. I rounded a corner and found a herd of cattle in the road staring around.... they appeared quite confused and as if they were looking for the cowboys to come herd them down to lower lands and green fall grass.
 And then the snow got heavier still.  A snow plow passed going the other direction. I wished I was going the other direction. My speed reduced to 30mph I crept along in 4wd for mile after mile.

 I rounded a bend and the snow was gone... as if a line had been drawn that the snow dare not pass.
I read "Turning Pro" by Steven Pressfield yesterday. Ouch. That book hit home.  I pondered on it. Chewed on the concepts and thoughts. I rolled it around and around and around. Then I concluded - according to Pressfield's definition I am an amateur in many areas.

This definition has nothing to do with skill, accomplishment, goals, ability, or anything else other than a state of mind and the resulting natural flow from that state of mind.

An amateur faces challenges (real or imagined) in their quest to achieve X and they become derailed, unfocused, and diverted. A professional may experience the same exact challenges but, due to their state of mind, continue on diligently working away to achieve X regardless of outer or inner reasons to stop.

An amateur in any field procrastinates, finds excuses, creates alternative work... anything to keep from doing and achieving what they deep down feel drawn to do.

A pro just does the work. The ugly work, the dirty work, the unmarketable work... they keep honing and developing what they are drawn to do regardless of if anyone else in the world feels their work is valuable or important.

As someone who has 1001 interests I have to ask myself - where am I just doing busy work and where am I really drawn?

Do I have so many interests simply because I'm very successful at running away from becoming a pro at the areas I'm really passionate about?  I'm making myself too busy doing B-Z that I can only dabble with A - even though A is, if I'm honest, my most passionate area?

Do I really want to speak multiple languages (or run an adventure race, or compete in Mt. Trail, or write a book, or learn pottery, or create art, or or or)? I certainly do not have the habits a pro would utilize to do any of these things.

Am I hiding from the professional effort needed to accomplish these things OR am I wasting time playing with this and that on a surface level to avoid digging down into the area(s) I should be truly focused upon?

The onion layers are many.

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