Into The Bright Light

You know that movie theater effect? The one where you become so absorbed in the storyline that, for a couple hours, you are more a part of that reality that your current circumstance?

The air conditioning is a bit too cold and the lighting is dim. You are surrounded by the smell of popcorn, the vague sweet smell of soda, and the shuffling sounds of your fellow movie goers.... yet that reality is so far from your consciousness that it is almost non-existent.

What is real to you is the story in front of you... the emotions, the weather, the scenery... it all seems so very real.

As the credits roll you start to stir and slowly recognize your surroundings. Walking, almost dream-like, through the theater you exit through a side door and are hit with the suns full force. It is jarring and hard for your mind to reconcile this reality with the reality you just experienced in the movie.

I wonder if that is what life is like. When the credits of our lives begin to role will our souls stumble out and be blinded by the real reality? Will we suddenly realize that we've spent our lives being mesmerized by the flashy, fake Hollywood of life and missed the true life experience?


Songbird Cabin said...

I just stumbled over here from the Noisy Plume. Your comment about your neighbors hearing you call to your "Stinky Pickle" just cracked me up~I had to stop by and take a peek at your blog. It's lovely. The photo on this post is beautiful and it's an interesting thought. Worth pondering, for sure.
Well, nice to "meet" you~Eileen

Jennifer said...

Well Hello Eileen! Welcome to my blog and thank you for your nice comment! I think our neighbors must think we are pretty crazy indeed... Stinky Pickle, RoxyAnn Tater Butt AKA Rocket Racer, NalaBeanBeanBeannnnnner.... oh we are terrible with our nicknames but they fit so well and seem so very normal within our home LOL. Have a blessed day!