Friendly Faces

Some days I travel.

Through the mountains away from the hustle and bustle.

Most days the woods are quiet - except for the occasional racing chipmunk daring me to swerve to avoid a minor bump for me... a "life flashing before their eyes" event for them.

Some days I see deer (this time of year with spotted fawns), rabbits, coyote, eagles, hawks, and all manner of other birds.....

On rare occasions I see elk.

The roads pass through open range so it is a common occurrence to round a bend and find a herd lazily munching on the roadside grasses.

This morning a fat and sassy herd of cows greeted me... I stopped to take their picture - they stared at me with their big dark eyes for a moment, then flipped their ears back and, deciding I must be up to no good, headed off into the tree line.

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