30 Day Challenge Summary

I dedicated a significant portion of July to changing my life.

My pre-challenge self would now evaluate whether I succeeded or failed the challenge. Analyzing percentage of change from start to finish, comparison of finish with goal, and eventually ending with the conclusion that I failed because in some way I did not measure up to my ideal.

Phooey on that.

I'm loving my post-challenge self.

Am I a perfect, woodland sprite that bounds through each day without a care in the world? Nope.

What I am is someone who no longer obsesses over work.

Someone who takes time out to rescue a tiny lizard from the bathroom and then spends time taking photos of its release back to nature.

Someone who bought a horse... and rode that horse around the pasture and down the road... and could care less if it looked perfect.

Someone who said no to more work offers and yes to all the things life has to offer outside of work.

I went for walks. I played games. I travelled. I wrote. I sat on the deck. I had long conversations. I had acupuncture and went to yoga. I spent time not thinking or doing.

Did I define what it meant for me to be a life-a-holic? Yes and no. For me, letting go of the definition, letting go of the constraints, letting go of control is allowing me to embrace life.

Taking time to inhale the sage on the air after a summer storm.

Marveling at the sunset.

Waking before the birds simple to hear the world start to greet a new day.

Saying I love you.

Accepting a complement.

Saying yes.

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