Thoratic Outlet Syndrome - 30 Days to Change My Life

So it seems that because I've been doing so much of this:

(working crazy hours bent over computer keyboards, smartphones, sketchpads, and the like)
And not enough of this:

(relaxing... preferably with a nice glass of ice tea!)
I've developed Thoratic Outlet Syndrome.
The doctor's rx - in addition to muscle relaxers 3 times per day and prescription strength Aleve 2 times per day - is:
Reduce the stress in my life
Walk casually at least once per day
Stretch at least twice per day

Well, I'm not so good at taking medications... the muscle relaxers knock me out... ya, I'd be relaxed - I'd also sleep 20+ hours per day. I take the Aleve - sometimes once a day, sometimes not at all. Rarely twice a day... Then I wonder why I'm still hurting.

The rest of the rx is something I can really get behind - less stress, lovely walks, stretching and ahhhhhhhh relaxing.
Yet honestly, who has time for that? There are deadlines to meet, projects to complete, people to see.... I have to do lists, and then other lists to organize my to do lists into categories of urgency.
Here's the kicker - I have always worked a lot and my goal this year was to reduce my workload in at least half by yesterday, June 30th.  Yet it attempting to do that, I have more than doubled my responsibilities. 
See, I like to be busy - I like new opportunities, I like change, I like to start things. As I started to pair down and eliminate this and that - a vacuum occurred and I filled up the "extra" time with more than was there before.
But, the things I wanted to do in that extra time were again put to the side - exercising, relaxing, enjoying more time with family, spending time in the garden... oh and laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and the like can be lumped in with this group.
Finally my body has said "Enough!" Apparently, if I'm not going to stop overdoing of my own accord my body is going to kindly force the issue.
And so, I'm launching a 30 day challenge to change my life.
July 1st - July 30th, 2013
30 days to go from work-a-holic to life-a-holic - and to define what that means for me.
My hope would be it means more family time, satisfaction, creativity, relaxation, and less deadlines, projects, numb hands and heating pads.
I'll keep you posted.

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