Life-A-Holic..... Day 2

Day 2 of my 30-day challenge to go from a work-a-holic to a life-a-holic is wrapping up.

What have I done?

1.)   I slept in - my early morning call was cancelled so I had two options: To get up at my regular time and do other work or sleep to a normal hour. I chose the later and got up at a respectable 6am-ish.

2.)   I spent about a half hour on the phone with a girlfriend - who also happens to be a yoga instructor and a very kind person. She heard my tale and we set a plan to get me back stretching and limbering up these bound up muscles.

3.)   I made an appointment at an acupuncturist - for tomorrow! Something I've always wanted to do, never made time to do. Now I have a great reason... and it should be an interesting experience!

4.)   I went for a bit of a walk.

5.)   I've thought a lot about my definition of life-a-holic.... I do not have a definition... but I like the way thinking about it makes me feel.... I'm excited about the possibilities.

6.) I took a picture of an almond on my computer simply because it was fun.

7.) I played with publishing this blog from my phone.... freedom fron the computer! 

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