Creating Boundaries

I met with my acupuncturist again today.

Session #4.

The amount of change in the previous 3 sessions has left me speechless. Seriously.


I didn't have an area of pain for him to work on today. He was shocked and happy that we could work on overall wellness versus pain.

What really stood out today was his enthusiasm for the lifestyle changes I'm making being tempered by the statement that he has not seen many people able to take care of themselves consistently over a long period of time. That eventually work would take over and create stressful demands upon me again so I should make use of any "breaks" in work to create bursts of self care. To fix myself up and get strong before work inevitably took over my life again.

That is a depressing possibility. And a cautioning statement to remind me to create boundaries for my work.

To set limits on the amount of work I want to do, when I will do the work, and what kind of work I will do.

And to feel good about those limits and not feel guilty for saying no to things that don't fit into my work boundaries.

Life is for living.... not working.

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