A trippy little trip

I spent 5 days not working.
I actually tried a bit of work... but the hotel wireless was down. So other than checking email on my phone (which, honestly, I did WAY too often), I didn't work.
What we did do was drive (a lot), stop and play in the river, order room service, spend a day at the zoo where we bought fudge and toys and a t-shirt, and spend a day at OHSU.
I didn't do my exercises - WHO can bring themselves to lie on a hotel room floor anyway?!
This morning I was back at the acupuncturist for round 2 of treatment - this time I was laying face down while needles protruded from my neck, shoulders and back. I imagined myself a silver porcupine...
Once I was sufficiently quilled I was left in the dark with some pleasant instrumental music tempting to lull me into dreamland.
My thoughts were racing - 5 days off and I felt behind. A deadline fast approaching, clients needing contacted, reports due - a meeting I scheduled too close to this quilling appointment, I was going to be late....I wondered if I buzzed the front desk if they'd hurry my appointment along and not leave the treatment in for quite so long. My thumb grazed the call button.
I'm lying on a table in the dark pin cushioned to the point that I shouldn't move or adjust myself - all because of my work-a-holic tendencies. Time to reboot.
What good is 5 days off if I'm only going to push myself into a frenzied state upon my return?
Becoming a life-a-holic is more mental than physical for me. Can I play in the river with my wee one without feeling I need to hop out every 20 minutes and check my cell?
That's what this month is about.
And with that concept in my mind I found myself relax into the table and the music must have been magic because the next thing I know there is a knock at the door and it's time to remove my silver quills.

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