A Miracle Moment

I started out writing this post with the title - A Wonderful Stroke of Luck.

But if I'm connected with my beliefs then I must confess... I was blessed with a miracle yesterday. Which makes me so very thankful and brings awareness to the fact that miracles happen everyday, every moment, that I all to often take for "luck" or some other convenience not attached to the Divine.

That temp gun is reading 177 degrees... after the vehicle had been sitting for about 2 hours.  More on that in a minute.

Yesterday was a regular travel day for me - going "over the hill" to meet a client. About a 150 mile round trip by the end of the day. I enjoy it... driving is my "thinking" time and this drive is through a beautiful area.

Yesterday however there seemed to be a particularly foul smell to the air. It would waft in and then dissipate. I chalked it up to the occasional stretches of fresh road work.

On the way home the smell was more pronounced. I started to believe it was "with" me. Perhaps I'd hit a plastic bag and it was melting away on the exhaust? An unfortunate critter stuck up in the engine? Could it (Gasp!) be me smelling that bad?

By the time I picked up Shane last night I was pretty used to the smell. He, however, was not. We weren't but a mile or so down the road when he exclaims "WHAT is that smell?!" To which I replied I had no idea but I'd been smelling it all day.

The regular evening duties took priority over the search for the offensive odor, we parked the truck and went on about our night.

About 2 hours later I discover the smell was still there - and just as strong as ever. Shane comes to investigate - nothing is found stuck underneath. I think perhaps some jokester put something rotten in the bed or backseat. Nothing.

Then Shane opens the hood. We are met with sounds of sizzling liquid leaking from a bulging battery. The temp gun shows 177 degrees ... 2 hours after it has been parked.

How much hotter it must have been in the hours of driving in the mountains.

How easily it could have (should have) exploded.

How very likely a scenario it would have been for me to be stranded on the side of the mountain road while my truck burned down.

A miracle.

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