Summer Happenings

I seem to fall in love with each season around here.
Fall is bold with its abundance of color and change, warm days and cool nights are so welcomed after the heat of the months previous.
Winter is often so very dramatic with freezing temperatures and mountains of snow. Of all the seasons, winter is the hardest for me to love - I often feel restricted and confined not willing to brave the elements despite the beauty of the changed landscape.
Spring often seems confused between winter and summer as it slowly but surely turns from cold to warm  to cold to warm... then maybe a little cold again then finally to warm.
Summer seems to be the culmination of the years work with warmth and beauty.
For us, summer means irrigation and flowers, mowing and growing, and calm excitement. Evenings spent playing outdoors, dogs playing fetch and taking a dips in the pond, slowing down and watching the sunsets... and sunrises with deep conversations, long drives with the windows rolled down and the wind whipping my hair into a frenzy, popsicles, ice tea, BBQs, a wish for a garden to grow more than the garden weeds, air conditioning, horseplay, sleeping with the windows open listening to crickets, and creativity.

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