Writers write

It's a pretty simple concept.

It is not the consumption of the writing by others that drives the writer to write. Instead, writers write because that is what they do.

Most, I believe, write material that they never intend to share. Journals, notes, comments, lists, scribbles here and there. Even blogs - as public as they are, often serve as that personal journal on the coffee table - open for your guests to review at their leisure.

Shared words, even in the most casual of settings, are prone to criticism....

"Too Bold" or "Not Bold Enough"
"Not Right For Our Audience" or "It Will Not Sell"
"It's Too Amateur" or "It's Too Sophisticated"
"Thanks, But No Thanks" or, perhaps worst of all.... no         response         at          all.

Each criticism stabbing at the writer's heart taunting the writer to believe what they already fear - "my writing is not good enough."

I shall stand on my virtual pedestal and shout - YOUR WRITING IS GOOD ENOUGH! YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

If the pull of writing beckons to you, then by all means write... and in whatever style speaks to you regardless of what others might say.

The critics will criticize.... it's what they do. But allowing their criticism (or your fear of their criticism) stop you from writing only keeps you from following your dreams.

Stop checking your blog stats, obsessing over a rejection letter, and refreshing your email box looking for response to your latest proposal.

Use that energy to write.

Write and write and write... let the words flow as the inspiration guides and allow the critics to come and go without sapping your energies.

Write from your place of truth, not what you believe other's want you to write. The people who love your work will read it... or not. It doesn't matter.

All that matters is that you wrote, for you, because you are a writer.

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