Prepare For The Unexpected

Such a cliché.

"Prepare for the unexpected."

If it is not expected how does one prepare for it?

I write this as I'm laying on my back with my laptop kicked up precariously hovering half above my face.

I had surgery yesterday, Friday.  I found out I would need the surgery on Wednesday.

Not much time to prepare... and actually, I did nothing to prepare in that day and a half. I did not anticipate the surgery being much more than a mild inconvenience... planning things to do after the surgery - and filling my weekend with plans.

Then I woke up from the anesthesia to a whole new reality. I couldn't move without pain and I slowly realized that I was seriously unprepared for this situation.

Laundry wasn't done.
I had deadlines approaching.... and an inability to meet them.
We were out of basics - including milk... and dog food.
Krawler (pup) would miss graduation from his puppy obedience class.
Meetings would have to be cancelled.

The list went on... and on.

Thankfully I have family to rely upon for the household chores and understanding clients who have extended deadlines and rescheduled meetings.

I've allowed myself to just let go of the things that cannot be done.

I'm learning patience... always learning patience.

There are more lessons as well:

~Gratitude for those around me.
~Empathy for my husband and son who have both undergone much more serious surgeries.
~Understanding that I cannot do it all, all of the time.

Plus, I've learned that time management is something more than figuring how much I can get done each day. It is about doing the things that mean the most to me and my family.

And maybe.... just maybe... if I'm doing the most important things each day, then when the unexpected events in life do happen, I'll be a little more prepared.

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