The Year I Turn 40


The year I turn 40.

Society would have me bemoan this fact.... I've tried. I cannot.

I'm excited to be 40.

Isn't that just a magical number?

It feels so.... grown up.

I finally feel *exactly* my age.  From my earliest years, I've felt older than the candles on my cake.

Today I feel in sync, in rythm with myself and the season of my life.

Now that my years have caught up with my self - I feel confident. calm. powerful. relaxed. exuberant. ready.

Ready to launch into my future - to grasp life completly. 

The Sages speak of receiving the gift of understanding at the age of 40.  That this is the season of life when transformations can, and should, occur.... I imagine a rebirth of sorts.


Trust is my focus this year. Perhaps, it also means faith. Faith that everything is for the best. Letting go of (my imagined) control - trusting. Trusting myself. Trusting others. Trusting G-d.

Trust speaks of freedom to me.... freedom from worry.

Within that freedom I pray I'll find the gift of understanding. Wrapped up in faith, courage, wisdom, simplicity, humility, peace.

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