Jerkey...... Fail

We bought this little doozie last fall:

OH! The plans we had (have?) to make wonderful, healthy jerkey with the beef and venison in our freezer.

Step 1 - Read smoker instructions.

Step 2 - Read book on making jerkey.

Step 3 - Ready, set, smoke!

Thaw and slice meat:

Place in marinade and refrigerate for 24 hours:

Place meat on racks at room temperature for 30 minutes:

Place in smoker.  After first 2 hours, rotate every 30 minutes until done.


Looks delish! 

Tastes..... Horrible! and smells even worse!

Not sure where we went wrong.... have to assume that we just do not like this particular brand of marinade.

But now we have a couple pounds of *delish* dog treats for puppy class.  Krawler should be thrilled.