Breathe a little deeper

Sometimes I feel crushed within myself.... as though the weight and breadth of my body has caused the real me to crumple in, to be restricted and confined, unable to stretch my wings.

Movement becomes challenging, as though I'm wearing clothes that are several sizes too small, I'm pinched and shunted into small increments of range.

Hours upon hours of sitting, unmoving save the few inches from keyboard to phone, have much to do with this withering of self.  It has caused expansion of excess weight, reduction of mobility, stress and tension. 

And yet, my self has not lost it's voice... daily it calls out from the depths of this self imposed prision asking to be set free.  Asking to be moved and challenged, to have breath brought deep into the core, to have toxins purged and joy consumed.   To move beyond the sterile concrete environment into earth, to nature, to the place where self can be fully expressed.

The more I listen to this voice, the more I find my truth. 

Each day the binds that I've created from inactivity become a little looser as I fight from within to regain my natural state of movement, to express the abilities of this body and the creativity of my self.

Each breath gives me a new oportunity to expand my truth and so I shall breate a little deeper and find joy in the journey.

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