Shut The Gate!

Last year we took our driveway gates off to use as pasture gates on our newly fenced field.  That worked great for the horses and saved us a significant amount of money... with not having to go purchase two new gates.

However, it's left our driveway, and therefore our property, open to the comings and goings of the neighborhood dogs. Not a huge deal, but with the addition of our new pup, Krawler, and the neighbors new pup, Juno, we're tending to have more play dates than we'd like.

Shane built a new gate and today it was time to hang it....
a job made so much easier by borrowing the neighbor's tractor!

Down the hill to try it out....

 Darn! The wheel was mounted to high!

Back to town for a new mounting nut (and pizza... yum!), a quick re-install of the wheel and back down the drive to try the install again.

A perfect fit!

Now to build the walk gate that will go on the right side to close the driveway completely.

Getting caught up on projects around the farm is so much fun!

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