You Didn't Die Today

Overlook in N. California

If you are reading this then you didn't die today. I hope that fact fills your heart with a song of thanks.

I was in Bend, OR two weekends ago for conference with the Ford Family Foundation - They put everyone up at the lovely Mount Bachelor Village Resort  and provided stimulating lectures, networking activities and, of course, delicious food.

On the trip to the conference Shane sent me a text - another man at his work had died... The second in less than a year. Not work related... health related - the second heart attack I believe. I'd never met either of the men but the news of this latest death colored my days of relaxation and learning with the flush of sadness for their families.

Life is challenging in a variety of ways but the trick is to not wallow in despair. Instead, try to fill everyday with gratitude - for the joys and for the challenges. To realize that each day is a new opportunity - to be a little better, a little kinder, a little more humble, a little more grateful - that is the way to live.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed... best get to living each moment of today with a prayer of thanks on our lips, a vision of fullness, and helpful, willing hands.

Be Grateful Today.

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