Finding Truth In Life

Summer calls and my feet journey... to the outdoors where my computer may not follow.  And when someone as wonderful as this little man begs for play I can do nothing but agree.

So we shall start from today and work backwards in a manner of catching up.

We just returned from three glorious days at the lake... Sunshine, water, good friends and family.

One morning I took the girls (dogs) down to the water's edge and found a little secluded section of beach where we sat and listened to the water lap onto the shore. 

I learned this truth - all of creation was made beautiful.  It is important to seek the beauty that surrounds and more importantly, perhaps, is inside of us. 
Last week Daniel received his 2 week post op check up from surgery. Little ones should not have to go through such things and yet it is amazing how quickly they adapt and recover. I'm pretty sure I would still be complaining and fussing over the process yet he has moved on as though it was a minor inconvenience for a few hours. Such a trooper. The doctor gave him a score of "results could not be any more perfect!" - This is one happy mama.

I learned this truth - acceptance is important. Acceptance of self and of others. We each must find our own worth before we can ever hope to help others.  And yet, through helping others we are often able to fully realize our own worth. 

The garden has been planted a few weeks late and so we have a limited yet yummy selection of promising veggies - an experiment and I am excited to see how it will turn out... I should have photos for you soon.

I learned this truth - sometimes the process may not be fun but the promise of the result makes the effort worth it.

I spent some time in Bend, OR at a lovely resort.  A conference on leadership and rural community development. Beautiful grounds, inspiring speeches, no demands on my time and yet I could not wait to get home. 

I learned this truth - it is good to be needed. It is good to be a wife and mother and all of the other titles I hold to family and friend relations. It is good to have responsibilities and to make other's lives a little easier with my efforts.

I finished my cold shower challenge.  I am so happy I participated and may be a permanent "cool water" shower taker - a big change from my "so hot I get dizzy" showers. 

I learned this truth - It is ok to make your own rules, to go at your own pace.  The important thing is that you try - you grow - you learn - you challenge yourself.

And because I just can't get enough of his face - Here is a smiling happy camping boy to send you off to a great morning:

Find your truth today.

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