Do You Appreciate Your Spouse?

My husband, Shane, is an amazing man. 

Honest, sincere, focused, strong, funny, creative and he is oh so capable with manipulating metal and machinery.

~Shane's Rock Crawler - 1987 Suzuki Samurai~

A few months ago I wrote him an email outlining just a few of the things that I love about him.  I acknowledged the favors he does for me on a daily basis, the things he does for our family, the sacrafices he makes and even the way he makes me laugh.

He was speachless. I just thought it would be a fun little email.. something nice to brighten his day.  To him it was so much more.

Our days are filled with opportunities for negativity to seep into our subconscious. We all strive to find happiness, to feel valued and appreciated, to give honestly of ourselves and be accepted for who we are - yet the world is not always kind in response.

By reaching out and acknowledging exactly how and why you appreciate your spouse you will strengthen bonds, create joy, inspire more of those desired behaviors and actions, and motivate both of you to be kind not only to each other but to others in your lives. 

If peace comes from within then sharing that peace with your family, and most importantly with your spouse, is an action that will benefit many. Like a tiny pebble tossed into the pond... the rippling effect of focusing AND acknowledging the good in others will reach far and wide.

Share with me... What positive messages can you share today with to those who need to hear it most - often the one closest to you?

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