Cold Shower - Day 4 - Acclimate

Due to many varied chores that needed to be seen to before a shower I was unable to do the whole "get up, no thinking just action" bit this morning.

That left plenty of time for thinking & excuse creating.

When I finally headed for the shower I was hesitant, which surprised me. After all, haven't I had three great experiences with this exercise so far?

I turned the water on a normal hot temperature and got in. It was...... completely unremarkable. I turned it down a bit, then a bit more, then finally all the way to cold.  I thought myself the reverse of the frog in boiling water.... I allowed myself, over 60 seconds or so, to acclimate to the water.

Is this the "ideal" method of what this experience is supposed to be? Does it follow the unstated "rules"? Probably not.

But here is what I learned - Sometimes it is OK to give yourself a break. Today I didn't need to suck it up and step into icy water. Today I needed to be kind and understanding to where I was at that moment. 

~Did I still accomplish the task? Yes.

~Did I still make progress on my goals for taking on the challenge? Yes.

Today I needed the time and space to acclimate to the situation before I ever had a chance of being successful.

So I have to wonder... where else am I pushing myself too hard and resulting in less than stellar results because of it? Exercise? Nutrition? Work? Family? Hobbies?

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