Cold Shower - Day 3 - Intention & Adaptation

I thought perhaps this morning I would make breakfast and do some cleaning before the shower... No. That was an excuse - When I was honest with myself I knew I would probably avoid the shower if I didn't do it immediately. I headed for the shower, turned it on cold and got in. No thinking, just action.

It was cold. I tried focusing on a sprinkler in the summer - didn't work. I tried laughing at my excuses - didn't work. The water was cold - for the first time I found myself sucking my breath and shivering as I held to the edges of the shower... not fully committed but not quite out of the game.

I focused on my intention - something I've come to realize is extremely important and very underused. Why was I doing this? What did I hope to gain? What purpose did it serve?

The answers flooded in: Commitment and follow-through. A deeper understanding of myself and what drives me. Inspiration. Competition. Adventure. Motivation.

With my questions satisfied I committed to the cold. The shivering stopped. My breath returned to normal. My body warmed.

Wait. What? I checked the faucet - still on cold. Why was I warm? Checked faucet again... and a third time. Definitely on cold and yet my skin felt as warm as if I was taking a regular hot shower. My body was adapting - mentally I had embraced the cold water and the reality became a pleasant experience. 

Mind over matter had changed the physical perception of the matter.

I no longer thought the water sucked and so, 
it simply no longer sucked.

Intention & Adaptation

If we take this concept into the rest of our lives:

  • What things are we standing on the edge of - not committed to but not ready to walk away?
  • Where do we embrace only the fear and never push beyond into the positive place?
  • Why do we stay in this negative place? 

If you find yourself there, question your intention.

  • Why did you want to make this change?
  • If the answer does not speak to your goals and ambitions then why do it?

If you stay in this negative space you will waste your energy and emotion on something that is not truly important to you. 

Look for another change, something that will move you closer to your goals.

Go into your new goal(s) knowing your intentions so that you have the courage to move beyond the initial fear and gain the stamina needed to see the project to completion.

Have a wonderfully, intentional day - Let me know how it goes!

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