Cold Shower - Day 2 & Other Farm Happenings

Oh how the flowers are blooming here on the farm!

And our very kind neighbor gave our garden a face lift... bye bye weeds - time for veggies!

Now let's talk about that cold shower plan of mine.

It was the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning... and gave me ample cause to hit the snooze button - which I did, 3 times.

At 5am I decided it was time, I was going to do it. That is until I faced the shower faucet. THEN I decided that first I would warm up with a hot shower and then I would turn it cold. 

Great plan! Until I stepped in and the water immediately faltered, sputtered, and sprayed me with cold water all of it's own accord. It continued to sputter and spray until I relented and turned it to cold on my own. The water stopped sputtering and I now had a nice uh... refreshing stream of cold water. Lesson learned.

As I stood there in the icy refreshingness (it's a word I'm sure) I realized that this sensation is not a lot unlike the chill I would experience as a child running through sprinklers in the summer. In fact, I think I remember those sprinklers being colder than this.

What was the difference? Attitude.

As a child I relished the icy water as something novel and fun. As an adult, I was (am?) focused on the suck factor.

How many other things in life could be fun, thrilling, special, exciting, and any number of other positive descriptions if I would get over myself, stop worrying about the suck potential, and change my attitude?

What things could you see changing in your life if you simply changed your attitude about them?

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