First Time For Everything

Memorial Weekend
The weekend started with the normal giddy feelings of anticipation - a few days away from home always welcome to my traveling soul. A simple camping trip, just north of town. Close enough to return, if necessary, but far enough to be officially "on vacation" for a few days.

The events of those few days, and the thoughts to follow, were anything but truly anticipated. The reality of how many "firsts" my son was experiencing sank in and my heart overflowed - first with joy... and then with a soul stirring revelation. As he sat devouring his first nectarine... totally absorbed in the experience of the sweet, sticky fruit... I sat speechless.

How many times have I let the sweetness of today be but a passing thought... if a thought at all? Isn't today a first? It has not come before, and it shall not come again, therefore doesn't today deserve my attention?

First Nectarine:
First Campfire:
 First Night Camping:
 First Tree Climb:
 First "Train" Ride:

 May you taste the sweetness of this day... enjoy it - it is a first.

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