30 Days Without TV.... Rediscovering Life

She's a beauty.
Sony TV purchased October 2011

If I were a gadget person (ie my husband) I could give you all of the impressive specs on this unit. Instead, I'll just say it's huge and the picture is amazing.  And the timing of it's arrival to our home was interesting.

Our income has been dramatically reduced. To survive, we've decided to focus on becoming debt free. And through that decision we have laid out the order of priority in paying off our debt. One item of importance to us both is that we stay true to our word. We have few "on our word" debts (ie, "Hey we'll buy that from you as soon as we get some money" type deals). In that category we've had a TV on zero interest layaway at a locally owned Sony dealer for 2 years. Yeah. Smart. Not.

Well, the zero interest was smart I suppose. But adding another debt to the pile was not. 

October 2011 we received the balance on our tax refund and this TV debt was one of several debts we decided to pay off.

Within a week (or two?) of bringing the beauty home we decided we needed to get even more drastic with our debt reduction attack. Among many other cost saving measures we, GASP, decided to cancel TV service.

Now, TV has basically been our only entertainment source for years due to lack of cash due to too much debt. Date nights were a take-and-bake pizza and movie on the couch - you get the idea. So deciding to cancel TV was a big deal.

With a week to prepare ourselves we crammed in as much TV watching as possible and stocked up on borrowed movies from family. After all... WHAT would we do these long, dark, cold nights of winter?

Well, it turns out there is plenty to do (and we've only watched 2 movies since we cut the cord) - read, talk, cook, keep ahead of the laundry, clean up around the house and property but most of all.....

We play!

The Bub - November 2011

And life is so sweet. Our home is peaceful... the laughter from our play fills our walls instead of the canned laughter from a sitcom. We've talked... I mean really talked. We've dreamed big dreams and made big plans - only possible now that our minds are released from the fake world of TV-land. It is amazing how much time you have to think... and act... once you are no longer trying to figure out "who did it / is getting voted off / won the title" on this week's episode of _________ (fill in your favorite show).

Stress levels have gone down immensely. With more available hours in our day, we accomplish more and feel caught up on all the little details that used to weigh us down. All those little things that were a constant source of irritation, because there just "wasn't enough hours in the day" to get everything done, are now done.

Cutting the cord was the right move for us. Will we ever have TV service again? Maybe, but at this point I truly hope not.

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