10 Best Blogs of 2011

According to yours truly.

Through their words and images the people behind these blogs have inspired me, challenged my opinions, made me laugh, and even surprised me at times.  I read them all, almost daily.   I hope you will take a moment to give their sites a quick visit.

C. Jane, Enjoy It
My goodness, the honesty with which this woman rights makes me blush (peeing her pants on stage singing - yikes!) and, at the same time, inspires me to write life as it is.

Honey Rock Dawn
With courage and faith in herself, Shreve uprooted her life and moved... Not across town but to a tiny, but beautiful, dot on the map.  There, she made a life for herself and shares glimpses of that life with her readers.

The Life and Times of the Plume
Hello! This "wee Canadian girl" as she calls herself creates some pretty amazing things out of metals and stones and gems.  On top of that, her words spill onto the page with a rhythm and fashion that keep me reading and coming back for more.

Reagan's Blob
Reagan's life is so very, very different from my own.  Living in NYC, in what appears to be a little apartment (although maybe not compared to other NYC apartments?), a hairdresser who rubs elbows with who's who, and rides the subway, and shoots glam shots for fun, and with a very ill child who, at the time of this post, is about 3 years old and lives permanently in the hospital due to her medical need.  Wow.

The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
To read the book was one thing, to read the success stories on his blog was another.  Plus, oh my goodness, the random stuff he posts (ie the "Random Show"), I mean really? Its just too much not to check in on occasion.

Man Vs. Debt - Sell your crap, Pay off your debt, Do what you love
This guy did it... I mean he walked the walk of the talk he is talking.  Sold their stuff, got out of debt and took off with his wife and baby to travel.  Hello! Sign me up for that program!

Nerd Fitness
I love Nerd Fitness. Come on! How great is it that this guy accepts the fact that there are those individuals who would rather sit on the couch and play video games (or insert other inactive activity here) than just about anything else in the world.  BUT he challenges them (us, me) to level up our lives. Be better today than we were yesterday, if only by a little.  Plus there is a community forum on the site that is full of motivation and helpful people.

Michael Hyatt
Great motivational posts on leadership... I appreciate his message of "Intentional Leadership" which I take to heart.  Plus he mixes in some posts on writing, publishing, and gadgets.  His blog is on the top of my list for professional growth reading.

Lazer Beams
Rabbi Lazer is one of my favorite people.  His message is of hope, and love, and faith, and truth.

Reality and Hope
Do you ever like something and you just can't put your finger on exactly why? The messages on this blog are short and make you think.  Think about how you are treating yourself, how you are treating others, and how you are living your life.  It's another professional growth blog I love to read because his messages seem to help keep things in perspective.

There you have it.  My choices for the top 10 blogs of 2011.

What are your favorite blogs? Why?

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