Who Knew?

Maybe everyone who has experienced it knows, but until you are it it is impossible to truly feel it. 

Sure, people told me about it.  I thought I knew it... knew what to expect, knew how it would feel, knew how I would feel... but really that is just all philosophical talk.  Parenthood.. or motherhood in my case, is beyond the talk.  A state of being that so completely transforms your entire view of yourself and the world that your former life seems no more real that the latest box office hit.

I have this young man to thank for my new perspective

Harvesting the garden on his 1st birthday

To all the mothers out there who tried to share with me how it would be.  Thank you, I get it now.

To all the mothers-in-waiting - It's totally worth the wait.... trust me - I waited 15 years, 1 month and (I believe) 28 days (but who was counting?)

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