Do You Suffer From Food Separation? We do.

A forewarning to my vegan or vegetarian readers... this post contains a photo of chicken leftovers.

Lately I've been mulling over the idea of food separation.  That is, people are so far removed from the original form of food that the food means less. 

In our fast food world, even those who make "home cooked" meals get their veggies in a can, bread is in a loaf - pre-sliced, eggs come in a neat little carton and meat comes on a styrofoam tray covered in plastic wrap.

Leftovers are thoughtlessly left to mold in the fridge to be later tossed in the trash with the only thoughts being of wasted dollars.

I wonder if this is not the source of our increased clothing size.  As with most things that come without effort, food without effort or thought becomes an entertainment.  Something we do and enjoy for the pleasure on our tongues and in our bellies but not something have pride in or feel grateful for.

As the calendar rolls into 2011, we are striving to bring our family closer to the food origins. To put more effort into the process of feeding ourselves and thereby appreciating the food that much more.

We plan to grow what we can in regards to fruits and veggies. Breads and goodies taste all that much sweeter when made than bought.

And then there is meat.  What does not come through hunting we'll try to buy from local ranchers.  And even that which comes from the store we'll try to get as close to original form as possible.
Take this little chicken.  Bought whole then prepared and roasted in our kitchen. He provided a lovely Friday night dinner and, in the fridge, meat for several sandwiches and few pots of soup wait. I can tell you that we appreciated this meal, ate less and savored more, due to the fact that we had such love and effort put into the process.

We'll keep you posted on this little "getting closer to our food" experiment.

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