Early Winter Mornings

There is something magical about early winter mornings.  Something that makes a person want to snuggled down deeper in the covers and hit the snooze button a few times.

(Mid-day looking out over the farm)

Well that is what I believe most people would like to do.  We had anticipated snow to fly overnight and so Shane had set his alarm to get up early... 5am... so he could plow the parking landing and driveway before heading off to work.

Only about 3 (of the possible 9 inches) came down but he doned his overalls and plowed away in the crisp clear morning.

Shortly after he headed off to work the skys darkened and let fly with snow.  It's been that way all day - white out conditions for an hour or so and then sun for awhile. 

(Sun just minutes after the photo above)

Poor dear will be plowing again this evening I do believe. 

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