Dreaming of Gardening

Confession - I do not have a green thumb.

I like to think I do.  Honestly, I'm just hoping that with enough research, education and good old fashioned try I will figure it out.

We have a little spot for a garden.  Covered in snow but full of promise.

When we first saw this place in May 2010 the garden was just starting to grow.  By the first of August, when we moved in, things were really taking off - in all sorts of directions. By the end of September we'd removed most of the produce and realized that in 2011 the garden would need a makeover.

We had a wild and overgrown (and unproductive) section of strawberries.  They need pulled up, separated, discarded, or something.  I really have no idea.  I'll keep you posted on the strawberry saga.

Growing within the strawberries we found: 1.) Garlic 2.) Red Onion 3.) Raspberries 4.) Random wild flowers 5.) Peas

One HUGE zuccini plant.  Just kind of hanging out in the middle without rhyme nor reason for being where it was.  I almost wonder if it was a voluntary plant.  It sure produced like crazy!

1 row of green beans smothered by 2 rows of potatoes.  The potatoes were crazy fun to dig (my first time). But I'm thinking - even though I dug (and dug and dug) to get all the potatoes out there will most likely be voluntary plants in that area next year.

2 rows plus some random plants here and there of corn.  The poor poor corn.  Never grew very high but did put off quite a few ears.  After harvesting and discarding the stocks we took the bags of ears, set them on the deck, and.... forgot them. (gasp!) A good snow and freezing weather and the full harvest was lost.

Random planting of a pickling cucumber and a watermelon. The cucumbers did OK but the watermelon got intermixed with the potatoes and just never did very well.

Bathtub overplanted with pumpkins and watermelons.  We couldn't seem to keep that thing watered enough - the plants were constantly whithered.  We did end up with 1 small pumpkin and 3 itsy bitsy pumpkins.  They sat on our deck railing until they were soft and then I hucked them up on the hill for the deer to eat.

And then. Oh my. And then we had these:

Beautiful but taking the property over! The garden was full of them - to the point of having to climb through them to get to the vegies. The flowerbed by the house is full of them.  Even a spot in the driveway sprouted with sunflowers.

With my lack of experience, and to my orderly brain, this little unmanaged and wild garden seems like a daunting task.  But oh how I have hopes and dreams of a beautiful little garden with growing boxes and sawdust paths.

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